>>> Instructions for connect <<<

Shadowsocks (through Cloudflare CDN)

Shadowsocks (direct connect, 443/tls and 80/http)

Unfortunately, sometimes connection through Cloudflare works just awful. Use this QR codes, if you have any issues.

Shadowsocks (direct connect, 8080/GoQuiet)

Another type of obfuscation, works a way more stable on Windows, and support UDP!

Shadowsocks (direct connect, 27015/without obfuscation)

This is probably the fastest method, but some ISP's may throttle your traffic without obfuscation (probably because they can not understand what it is).

Shadowsocks (all-in-one json)

You can also download .json config for manual setup: click me


Filter lists: Windows telemetry and EasyPrivasy.

DNSCrypt 1.x: dnscrypt-proxy --provider-key=DB50:41C0:B063:80DD:3E4C:DE85:49D7:32E8:7BE9:EDBC:4DD6:3CA9:A8D9:3BB3:06D4:3E73 --resolver-address= --provider-name=2.dnscrypt-cert.2ch-riga.ooo

DNSCrypt 2.x: sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAAEzk0LjE0MC4xMTYuMTY5OjUzNTMg21BBwLBjgN0-TN6FSdcy6Hvp7bxN1jypqNk7swbUPnMcMi5kbnNjcnlwdC1jZXJ0LjJjaC1yaWdhLm9vbw


Special thanks to:
  • OP, for creating /freedom/ thread and wrote most of useful guides.
  • A guy who wrote the Cloudflare setup guide.
  • A guy who re-build simple-obfs plugin for Android.
  • Maintaners of Streisand project, whose page was shamelessly stolen from their generated documents.
  • Роскомнадзор, for raising computer literacy and nurturing legal nihilism among Russian citizens.
  • And other good people who helped in every possible way.
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